Social Science Exhibition 2019

Social Science Exhibition 2019

Social Science Exhibition 2019

Eternal Antiquity’- A mosaic of past glory…

Once again, the Highlanders through their stimulating Social Science Exhibition took the parents on an exhilarating journey, exploring the lost cities and ancient people of the 40 greatest civilisations of the world.

The students with their interesting models, posters and other exhibits, brought back to life the secrets about the cultures, beliefs, and skills of the ancient civilizations. Dating from 10,000 BC, the exhibition emphasized on agriculture, writing, warfare, trade, and technology, that has been uncovered by architects.

From well- known civilisations like the Harappan Civilisation with its impeccable town planning system which left an indelible mark on India, and the wealthy Mohenjadaro Civilisation with skilled urban planners who had a reverence for the control of water, to the slightly less-known luxurious empire of Constantinople which had an unimaginable level of poverty, and Nara, the Japanese capital of Chinese culture which was proof of the islanders’ genius for adapting the traditions of the other countries, the Highlanders strived to showcase the most intriguing features of a multitude of civilisations.

With a vibrant presentation of characteristics and grandeur of all 40 civilisations, the exhibition turned out to be a fascinating experience for the parents.

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