Student Led Conference 2021

Student-Led Conference 2021

Student Led Conference 2021

The Student-Led Conference- with a difference’ celebrated by the students of Early Years and Primary, virtually on Saturday, 6th February, was unique in every which way! The purpose of the session was all about empowering the learners and instilling in them a sense of confidence and the joy of presentation. With an endeavour to encourage ‘Agency’ and ‘Expression’ amongst our learning community i.e. our young Highlanders and their parents, SLC proved to be a perfect opportunity to use it as a platform to collaborate and express themselves. It was a delight to watch the students along with their chosen partner(s) showcase a flair for a wide range of creative pursuits. While some danced and sang, others showcased their ability to play different instruments; demonstrate creativity through their handiwork, culinary skills; oratory skills through an enactment, storytelling and a puppet show. Not only this, a sense of aesthetics and imagination came forth through Ramp Walk and Fancy Dress. The zest and ownership displayed by each child participating were indeed magical! Here’s a sneak peek of the presentations.

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