Vineet and Shruti Agarwal

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Vineet and Shruti Agarwal

Dear Sanjay

We would like to lay our appreciation on the maths teacher of our son Ms Karishma who happens to be his class teacher as well in Grade 6A. 

She is very professional in her approach and the way she interacts during online classes and make everyone eager to learn is commendable. Her practical teaching method of maths like questions to class mates and practicing too many questions, is something Mathematics expects off. My son now has confidence of not practicing the subject during the exams, instead he prepares before.

Also we are grateful to her because we see our son turning to be a good orator as he picks to present in the class. This has been possible only under her able guidance and mentorship.

We are proud to tell that Scottish High is the best school because of the culture it provides to its students.  Almost everything here is near to perfection and we are very happy about it. 


Vineet and Shruti Agarwal

Parents of Akshat Agarwal (Grade 6A)

Posted By admin in Parent Feedback, on November 20, 2020

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