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No more classrooms, no more books…

 Education today has broken the four walls of a classroom. To foster this, Scottish High believes that children should be provided with ample opportunity to explore and learn. Through camps and trips with destinations overseas as well, our children learn to fly high and explore the world.

With activities like cooking expedition, rehearsing or performing at the Annual Celebrations, Independence Day, Republic Day, Autism Day, the students are well arranged to grow inclusively & multi-dimensionally. Not only this, their active participation in disciplines like NCC or contribution in ‘Social Responsibility’ causes, taps their awareness and instills a sense of responsibility in them.

Camps and School Trips

Keeping holistic learning as its core, all activities of the school and its programmes, including games, either indoor or outdoor, adventure sports, treks or any other sporting, extra and co-curricular activity, are compulsory. School Camps including the outdoor camps also form an integral part of the curriculum.

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