ICSE ISC Curriculum

ICSE ISC Curriculum

ICSE ISC Curriculum Head Barkha Anand
ICSE ISC Curriculum Head – Ms Barkha Anand

CISCE is a Private National Board of Education which inculcates a sensitive and compassionate spirit towards the needs of its students. It adopts a progressive thought process in the preparation and implementation of its syllabi and curriculum. As a student centric board, the CISCE gives utmost priority to the “CHILD” to be creative and expressive learners and be imbibed with life skills that help in carving their own paths with an independent outlook.

The ICSE/ISC Curriculum being followed at SHIS is committed towards high quality educational endeavors while promoting introspective living with a commitment to excellence.

The Curriculum is well-known for its strong foundation in the lower grades and plays a vital role in forging life-long learning competencies. The transition from Primary school to Middle school is very smooth and effortless. Students study three different languages in middle school which helps them articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively using oral as well as written communication skills. Our highlanders are also given ample opportunities to take part in both indoor and outdoor activities which help them develop skills and enter into pathways other than academics.

At IX – X ICSE level, CISCE offers a ‘basket of subjects’ to choose from that encourage students to enhance their performance according to their aptitude and skill. The ICSE syllabi is detailed and comprehensive with due emphasis on English as the medium of instruction, giving it an advantage that helps students clear entrance examinations like IELTS, TOEFL and SAT, etc

The ISC Curriculum for Class XI – XII incorporates all elements of academic interests that cater to the challenging requirements of present day educational needs. As a prerequisite for undergraduate and competitive examinations, the ISC has a sound and dynamic curriculum. It prepares the students in a comprehensive manner and has yielded promising results. Students have shown successful performances at various levels of Higher Education levels be it Engineering, Medical, Management or admission to Foreign Universities.

At Scottish High, the low Student Teacher Ratio; the small class size, provides a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the learning experience. It provides individual attention to all students while also understanding the unique needs of every student. It helps the teachers and students create a bond which is more oriented towards the student’s well-being and nurturing.

Moreover, varied examinations throughout the year serves as the basis to make learning purposeful and progressive. With consistent testing cycles, the school ensures that learning is done in a comprehensive manner, not focussed on rote memorization and allowing students to inculcate their coursework better.

Along with that, remedial classes are also provided to those who might not perform well or need extra help within a subject. This is done to cater to a varied and diverse range of individual differences, intelligences and abilities are also planned for the students in small batches.

As a curriculum, ICSE and ISC prepares students for all aspects of life, rendering them capable to handle anything which life throws at them.