Integrated Setup

Integrated Setup

Every child is a gift of God. Scottish High International School believes in giving equal opportunities to all children without discrimination and favouritism. Therefore, it admits, differently privileged children and tries to integrate them with the mainstream under the care of specially trained professionals, speech and occupational therapists in a fully equipped Integrated Studies Department. This unique set up of specially designed labs is a landmark of modern education. Each child is treated on a case-to-case basis and a comprehensive parent-child and individual education programme (IEP) is evolved for the family and the child respectively.

Activities like horse riding, roller skating, swimming as well as music and so on are made mandatory for these children to make them confident and physically active. These children freely mingle with other students in the regular classroom programme, so as to make them feel normal, loved and wanted by the society.

Rajiv Mishra HOD, Department of Integrated Studies
Rajiv Mishra (HOD Department of Integrated Studies)